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The Signs of Our Times

I realize that this post is not an edifying post and it does not make us feel good, but my heart is heavy by what I see taking place and I know that the body of Christ MUST rise up and war against these demonicly inspired realities taking place.  Please read, make it a matter of prayer, and give me any comments you wish.

A Person’s Morality Dictates Their Theology and the Level of Sexual Perversion in Society is a Measure of the Demonic Activity in That Society

Those who are obsessed with unnatural practices by definition are perverted.  Sexual perversion in a society is the number one predictor of impending judgment. The most severe judgments in scripture were preceded by homosexual perversions and sexual assaults. The judgments did not come just because of sexual perversion alone. Sexual perversion is a pretty good barometer of demonic activity and of the moral state of a society.

Sexual lusting is never satisfied and it leads to a downward spiral of more deviant activity that is more and more perverse. For example, those into pornography are never satisfied; there is always something more perverted to see and lust after. Why else would it be the biggest industry on the Internet? Some are then not satisfied with just looking. They must also act out their vile lusts and they become predators of the innocent.

These unnatural lusts are not generated only by natural human desires. These lusts are generated by unclean spirits (demons) that are infecting the minds of these individuals. The main reason why God will not tolerate sex perversion is not that He has a hang up about everything being in the natural order (although if it were not sinful it would remain in the natural order), but God knows when sexual perversion rules in society, demons are enslaving society. The minds of many in that society are then under the control of demonic forces.

Once the spiritual state of mankind has degenerated to the point where sex perversion is widespread it also has degenerated to the point where man has no morals and he becomes like the animal that demons want him to be. The end result of all this is that society embraces doctrines of demons where there are no moral absolutes or any Creator to account to. Everyone does what is right in their own eyes and the end result for society is a “dog-eat-dog world” of injustice and chaos.

The body possessors

God created mankind to trust Him and to be containers of His Spirit so that we will be capable to fulfill His will for our lives. Instead, many have made themselves containers of unclean spirits who wish to possess and defile the human race. The type of spirit within man will manifest itself in outward expressions. Sex perversion is certainly one of those expressions.

When the sexually perverse are free to come out of their closets, be aware that other demonic activity will come out of those same closets with them. The intent is to infect society with doctrines of demons and promote warfare against the sons of light. Today we see this doctrine emerging as an increasingly belligerent stand against God’s law and against true Christianity and Judaism.

What we see going on today with the promotion of homosexuals by government, education and media is nothing but rebellion against God’s natural order. There is no doubt that these life choices are spreading disease and death to all of society. In the name of lust that they call love they are helping to bring disease and death to many people. So God in the past dealt harshly with sexual perversion in order to prevent the self-destruction of the world before His elect are saved out of it.

Signs of the time

Sooner rather than later God will intervene to protect the innocent and His own people by judging the wicked. We need to take a good look at our society today. Take a rational look at the perverted things that many people dwell upon. Would God create us for this purpose? Do unnatural lusts of the flesh make any rational sense? Why do the sexually perverse hate biblical morality? Why do the sexually perverse prey on the innocent? Why do the sexually perverse hate the true people of God? Do the reasons for past judgments in the Bible still apply to our modern society? I think they do.

After looking at the world’s downward spiral into the perverse, how much longer do we think God will let this insanity go on? I think that it may get worse before it gets better, but God will deal with sex perversion in society in the same generation that these demonic spirits prevail over society. From what I see, it really looks like God will judge this present generation.


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  1. Linds Redeker said:

    I agree. I also believe God has begun to wake up the Church. He is ignited them to start revival. As witnessed in LA with Lou Angels renting of the LA stadium to the Azusa Call. In April. 20,000 people waiting on line at 0400 to get in when it opened at 0900. Already God was healing and delivering the oppressed at 4am as the cell phone videos posted on Facebook revealed. The Elijah list web site reports revival continuing. Did you know that about 30,000 pastors were meeting for prayer in Was DC at the same time Azusa Call was going on. They heard about Azusa Call in LA and joined them in repentance prayers. At Azusa There were Facebook posting from friends of the crippled getting up out of wheel chairs. There are a number of revival meetings from across the nation since. Can you imagine thousands and thousands of prayers are asending to the throne room of God now. There was on Facebook cell phone videos of hundreds were being baptized in a nearby river. They were fully emersed like Jesus Christ was by John the Baptist did. These young adults were crying and rejoicing. So heart touching. God will not be taken by surprise but the demons will when they see an army of anointed warrors coming after them and driving them out. Yes pray for our nation that it will be saved ! And God will be praised in the land again. Even reports of thousands of Muslims being saved. These are having encounters of Jesus coming to them in visions and dreams. Wow. That’s awesome. I know still there are those who will not and I know our nation must be vigilant and our leaders must be wise and protect this nation.

    • Great report! Thank you for making this comment. It i great to see things like these happening, but much more needs to take place, and I totally agree with you that God will not be taken by surprise. He is moving across the world and this country to wake up the sleeping Church, but we can’t simply sit back and not enter into the driving back the darkness.

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