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Matthew 6:10 –Bring Heaven to Earth?

There was man who had seven sons who were always quarreling among themselves.  One day he called them all together and informed them that he wished to demonstrate just what a lack of cooperative effort meant.  He had prepared a bundle of seven sticks which he had carefully tied together. One by one he asked his sons to take the bundle and break it.  Each son tried, but in vain. Then the father cut the strings and handed one of the sticks to each of his sons and asked him to break it over his knee.  After the sticks had all been broken, with ease, he said:  “When you boys work together in a spirit of harmony you resemble the bundle of sticks, and no one can defeat you; but when you quarrel among yourselves anyone can defeat you one at a time.”

In this story we see a lesson for the Church with its multiple denominations and divisions.  Together with one mind and one accord we are a mighty force for righteousness and can easily penetrate the kingdom of darkness to reconcile to God those blinded by Satan and drive back the corruption that is destroying our country.

Can you imagine what would happen in every locality if the church congregations in that locality worked together to fulfill the will of God by communicating and demonstrating the kingdom of God.  Our point of agreement and cooperation should be ”  Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  We should rephrase that to say: “JESUS, THY KINGDOM COME; THY WILL BE DONE IN MY COMMUNITY JUST AS IT IS IN HEAVEN”.

Jesus’ final command to His fledgling Church was “Go into all your community and make disciples”.  He never told us to go have nice meetings, sing some nice songs, and listen to a nice speech.

Are we really willing to obey Jesus, or do we simply want to be religious?

Give me your thoughts on this.