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The Church Is to Be a Penetrator

The mission of the Church is to penetrate and overcome all areas of the kingdom of darkness and advance the kingdom of God on this earth so that Jesus can return as King over ALL.  In Scriptrue the Church of those called out of the darkness are compared to four things:  light, salt, yeast (leaven), and seed.  What is the characteristi common to all four things listed?  They penetrate their soundings.

Light penetrates and drive back the darkness.  If you enter a dark room and light a match does the darkness put out the match?  NO!  The light of the match penetrates the darkness and drives it back so you can see your way through that dark place.  The Church, the called out ones (ekklesia), is to be a light on a hill shining its light all around not hiding with the four walls of a building we now call a church.  We are to penetrate our culture and drive back the darkness created by the absense of God’s light.

Salt was used as a preservative in Jesus day.  They would cover meat with salt to preserve it from decay since there was no refrigeration.  The salt would penetrate the meat so that it would not decay until the owner could cook it.  We, the Church, are to be the preservative of our cultures by penetrating it and holding back the corruption and decay brought about by the kingdom of darkness.

Yeast (leaven) is put in dough to make it rise or expand.  We, the Church, are in our cultures to expand the influence of King Jesus and His kingdom.  God has spinkled us in neighborhoods, towns, cities, countries to be leaven and produce an expansion of His kingdom.

Seed is also a penetrator.  Seed does nothing until it is placed within the ground by being planted.  When it is planted is comes to life and drives roots deep into the ground and brings forth the life that is buried in the seed so all around it can see the life.  God has planted His Church throughout the world in ever culture to show forth His life through those called out of the darkness.

Are you a penetrator?  Have you taken up your responsibility as a citizen of Heaven and His kingdom to penetrate your neighborhood, your village, your town, your city, or your country?  Why, or why not?