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Friends, I have recently been listening to many you-tube presentations, TV programs, website presentations, and emails I have received from many Christian pastors and teachers and one thing I have seen is that we Christians communicate in our own special language I call Christianeze.   We speak in terms that Church goers speak with, but the main populations of our world would not normally understand.  Our cultures have not been raised in Christian church environments and they speak a totally different language than we do.  When we try to witness to a non-Christian we need to use terms they can understand, not our Christianeze terms.

Jesus has given each of us a commission to penetrate the culture the unsaved lives in and that culture is the kingdom of darkness.  Jesus never asked us to try to make converts, He told us to declare the gospel, or good news, and make disciples not converts.  The gospel, or good news, that Jesus declared and the early Church declared was “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand”.   Do you understand how to say that to the world you live today without coming across as a religious bigot?  Can we communicate to the unsaved without using our religious terms and messaging so that they can truly understand what you are talking about?  Are we actually relevant in our cultures today, or are we a religious relic that has no impact on our cultures?

I have a new training course that will be coming out soon that will help you in this matter.  Stay tuned for upcoming notices.



  1. Truth is I don’t and I’d like to. I’d be very interested in that course Pastor Rob. I’ll keep checking in.

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