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It appears to me that the people who call themselves Christians in America have been blinded to what is happening in this country and are spending too much time listening to the news media program their minds.  We are being deceived by an invisible spiritual enemy that has a mission to “kill, steal,  and destroy”.

John 10:10 – Jesus said, “The thief (Satan ) comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy;…” 

Open your eyes those of us who call ourselves Christians and see what is happening in our great land.  I am convinced that the Church today demonstrates a great apathy concerning our ability to carry on the work of Jesus in the earth.  We seem to be more focused on building larger ministries and larger congregations than actually doing the works that Jesus did and advancing His kingdom.  We are more concerned about having a “good” meeting than being a “co-laborer” with Jesus and destroying the works of darkness.   As millions of unborn babies are slaughtered through abortion, as homosexuality and perversion are thrust upon our country, as addictions soar to unprecedented magnitude, as our society is being stripped of all reminders of our Christian heritage, as our children’s minds are being programmed by humanistic philosophies in public education, as the Bible’s inerrancy is challenged by many mainline denominations, as Eastern religions like Islam thrive in our society, as Satanism and witchcraft are exploding by tremendous numbers, as our government leaders are becoming more and more unrighteous in their manner of governing, as the prejudices in our world become explosive and  explode before our eyes, and as we are losing our children to the ways of the world, where is this powerful army of the Almighty God that is to be at work destroying the strongholds of the devil, holding back corruption, and establishing the righteous rule of Jesus Christ on the earth?  Where is it?

We are fighting the wrong enemy.  We are fighting what we see rather than using our spiritual authority to battle against those unseen enemies.

Paul said in Ephesians 6:12 – “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places.”  In other words we are in a battles with fallen angels, Satan, and demons that have to be fought using our spiritual weapons and authority.  Is your pastor equipping you for this battle?

I am developing a new website that will be addressing this issue of our authority and how to stand strong in the Lord and the power of His might.  I’ll inform you when it is uploaded.  But in the mean time, get with other Christian friends and begin to pray and do warfare concerning this presidential election.  Satan is doing everything in his arsenal to get the job for his servant to destroy this country.  Give me your thoughts on this.


Comments on: "America – We Are in a Battle" (2)

  1. Dear Pastor Rob
    I have no doubt that you are correct that there is much more “than the norm” regarding spiritual activity behind this year’s election. I agree…… I’ve done more wondering about it that praying about it. Challenge is I don’t think anyone can think that with either candidate America is in good stead. Therein lies the rub. One seems to be “on the surface of it” a patently bad choice with very little to recommend in terms of a role model or a leader. The other is a far less obvious but in my spirit a clear cut warning of an insidous nature than can hardly be justified by reasoning…..can’t come from sense knowledge.

    You say “Satan is doing everything in his arsenal to get the job for his servant to destroy this country.” But I think the challenge is we are looking at two of his servants. I think one is a ready decoy to ensure the victory of the other. Or at the very least we are being given the appearance of a battle when the victory of one is already assured. Bottom line though is that we are not looking at one servant….are we?

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