The Blog of Rob Board – Author, speaker, pastor


This is the blog of Rob Board – the founder of the Covenant Kingdom Ministries.

The purpose of this blog is quite simple.  Instead of being a pastor of a local congregation like I did for 17 years, this ministry will focus on teaching people just what the title says – about “Living With Jesus Today”.  I will do this by helping people come to understand what it means to be a “new creation in Christ” and how to live daily in the realities of being that new creation in covenant with God through Jesus and living in the kingdom of God rather than the kingdom of darkness that surrounds us in this fallen world with all of its world systems that so easily entangle us.

This blog will be a tool to help in the teaching, training, and equipping of God’s people to do the work of the ministry around the world.   After all, isn’t that what pastors, teachers, apostles, prophets, and evangelists are supposed to do according to the scripture in Ephesians 4:11-12?

I was never “called” to preach sermons on Sundays and administrate an institutional style church.  I was called to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry.  I do this by writing training materials, creating CD’s and DVD’s for teaching, creating online videos for coaching and training, doing seminars in local churches and in public meeting rooms, and any other tools I can muster up to do the job at hand.

As of this writing my website,, teaches in over 120 countries and 1000′s of people ever month read over 14,000 pages of teaching and the readership keeps growing every month.  So it must be working.  After all, teaching 1000′s is better than teaching 100′s.  And the best thing about doing ministry in this manner is that it is not a one time sermon.  People can come back as often as they want to reread any teaching and they can e-mail me to get questions answered or simply to communicate with me.  I always respond quickly.

This blog will not be “religious” and in fact it may shock you with some of the ideas and concepts I will throw out to chew on.

I will kick at some of our “sacred cows” and look at the Word of God as a plan book and the Holy Spirit will be the Coach.

I welcome any and all comments and I invite you to sign up for new blog posts to come in your e-mail as I write them.  Your e-mail address will NEVER BE SHARED WITH ANYONE ELSE.



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