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We   modern day preachers stress the ease of becoming a Christian, but is what we present as truth the real truth?  TRUTH IS DISCOVERED, NOT INVENTED! 

The Lord Jesus never tried to coax men into a glib profession of faith.  Neither did He seek to attract a large following by preaching a popular message.  In fact, whenever people began to swarm after Him, He would turn to them and sift them by setting forth the sternest terms of discipleship.

How many people would come to an alter call for salvation if the preacher said the words of Jesus:  “So likewise, whosoever he be of you that does not foresake all that he has, cannot be My disciple.”  Luke 14:33.

The cost of true salvation is “everything” —  all a person has or is.

The terms for entering the kingdom of God is to “repent” from the old self-centered life in the kingdom of darkness,  die to your old life through water baptism, rise up out of the baptismal waters and receive the life (zoe) of God by the Holy Spirit, be “born again” into a new creation in Him, and begin a new life of commitment and obedience to King Jesus.

Anything less than this is not salvation according to the Scriptures.

Give me your thoughts on this.


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