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When people hear the words radical and revolutionary they instantly think of some aggressive, gun toting, anarchist that has motives to overthrow an earthly government, but that was not the intentions of Jesus. The word “radical” comes from a Latin word “radix” which simply means “to cut to the root” as in “radical surgery” to remove a cancerous growth — the surgeon “cuts to the root of the cancer” to remove it. In this sense, Jesus was a radical with a radical message that was indeed meant to cut to the root of sin and remove it from our lives.

His mission and the revolution He started was the overthrow of Satan’s rule over humanity and his kingdom of darkness and to replace it with the kingdom of God. 1 John 3:8“The Son of God appeared for this purpose, that He might destroy the works of the devil.

His mission was not to be accomplished with guns, swords, bombs, or any other weapons. He would accomplish His revolutionary mission by demonstrating the inconceivable and unfathomable love that God has for His human creation and the people bound up in the kingdom of darkness. He would demonstrate how much He loves us even while we hated Him. His was a revolution of love – the most powerful force in the universe.

Jesus Christ is God’s revolutionary change agent on the earth. When Jesus came to this earth over two thousand years ago He came and presented mankind with the most radical and life changing reality in history. His primary message– “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand”.

He is the key figure in the history of the world and has had the greatest impact on the people on the earth as well as the religions and the governments of this world. He has also dealt with Satan in the spirit realm and has put a stake in the heart of his kingdom rule on this earth

The covenant kingdom is the most radical and revolutionary reality we can ever experience. When I speak of radical Christianity I am not referring to some off-the-wall hyper zealots who choose to live in a fortified compound somewhere in a very isolated area where they have no, or little, contact with the outside world. These folks have missed the whole reality of what Christianity is all about.

When I speak of true Christianity I am referring to a true “revolution in life” that was started by the greatest revolutionary of all time — Jesus Christ. This revolution in life is lived out in His covenant kingdom. The revolution that Jesus started was when He began to declare His radical message– “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand”.

This declaration rattled the gates of hell and put fear into the heart of Satan because he could now sense his defeat and the breaking of his dominion over the lives of the human family.

When I refer to Jesus as the greatest radical revolutionary of all time I am speaking of His mission to earth and what He accomplished. This is the reason that the concepts of radical Christianity and the covenant kingdom must be explained and taught. That is what this website about the covenant kingdom of Jesus is all about.

Exalting Jesus as Lord and King over His kingdom; and uncovering God the Father’s heart desire and how it is being fulfilled.

Let me explain some definitions of these terms so we will be on the same page in our understanding of what I am saying. The following definitions are directly taken from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Radical— radix – fundamental, extreme, cutting to the root of an issue

Revolutionary— one who constitutes and brings about rapid change

Revolution— a sudden, radical, and complete change; the over-throw or renunciation of one ruler or government and substitution of another by the governed

Concepts– thought, notion, idea; organized around a main idea or theme

Lord— from the Greek word “KURIOS” — means master, owner, possessor, maximum or supreme authority.

Seeing who Jesus really is today is a life altering experience. He is no longer the long-haired, bearded, sandal wearing, robe wearing, hippy-looking guy that walked the road of Israel 2000 years ago. He is nothing like Buddha, or Mohammed, or the founder of any of the great religions of this world. Today, we are to know Jesus as the eternal King of all creation and the Supreme power and Ruler of His universal kingdom. He is the most glorious and powerful being in the entire universe and when we meet the true King Jesus our lives become changed forever because we have encountered the life altering message of the King and His covenant kingdom.

Luke 6:46“And why do you call Me Lord, Lord, and do not do what I say?”

Philippians 2:9-11“Therefore God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, and at the name of Jesus every knee should bow; those who are in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father.”

My entire site,, is built on the fundamental principle that God has a kingdom that encompasses the entire creation and that He has a plan and purpose for all of humanity. That purpose is established on the principle of covenant as the primary way that man can relate to a living God. My goal is to open the eyes of our understanding to the reality of the covenant kingdom of God so that we might see the truth of scripture and His promise to us of a new covenant and become a functioning part of His covenant kingdom in a covenant relationship with God and His people through Jesus. We can then actually begin to fulfill our purpose as people of destiny and reign in life as kings and priests through the gift of righteousness.

For the most part the institutional church as we know it today has missed the fundamental fact that we are in union with the living God through a blood-covenant relationship and we are to seek first and foremost His reign in our lives because JESUS CHRIST IS BOTH LORD AND KING. For the most part, followers of Jesus see Him as our Savior, but not as our Lord and King to be OBEYED.

Being in covenant with Jesus is not about performance — it’s about relationship. He is our Lord and King as well as our covenant blood-brother.

In my website I deal with many revolutionary concepts that effect the lives of all humans on this planet and if after reading about these you have any questions I have a form where you can send me your questions or comments and I will respond as quickly as possible.


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