The Blog of Rob Board – Author, speaker, pastor

It’s time we church goers leave the land of the spiritual make-believe!  We are either walking in the divine authority or not.  We are eithere dominating the darkness or the darkness is dominating us.  We are either winning the battles or losing.  We can’t fool God.  We can’t fool the devil.  Why continue to fool ourselves?

The ONLY way to have the power and authority of God in our lives is to repent from our wicked ways by sincerely asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to us what’s in our hearts and what secret sins we are hiding.  Ask the Lord to forgive us and cleanse us from our unrighteousness and be forgiven.  Then submit to His Lordship by being obedient to His leading and separating yourself from the darkness of the world.  As long as we are cuddled up next to the darkness of the world we can never experience the reality of what Jesus has promise His covenant partners.  We were told to come to Him and die to our old lives in the kingdom of darkness.  Have you really died, or are you still trying to cling to some of your old habits, wicked imaginations, and ungodly desires that you have carried over into your new life as a church-goer?

Ask God to show you.


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