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What about dominion?

In the beginning when Adam and Eve were created, they were placed in a garden and God had said that this creation called “Man” would have “dominion” over God’s creation on the earth.  Man was to rule over everything God had created.  Dominion simply means that God’s Man was to be a ruler, or king, over all of God’s creation on this planet.  We were to rule as an agent, or representative, of the Creator God.

We all know what happened.  Adam and Eve were deceived by Lucifer who took the form of the snake and they yielded to Lucifer’s subjestion to disobey God and to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in direct disobedience to their Creator.  When they did that act “Sin” entered the earth and Adam and Eve lost their “life” connection with God for that was the law set in motion when they were first created.  “Sin” as revealed in the Scriptures is the refusal to allow God to be God in our lives.

When Adam and Eve lost their lifeline with God they became became slaves of Lucifer, now called Satan, and their eyes became open to things God knew would be extremely disasterous to them.  Their eyes became blinded to the disasters of sin and they now started to live by their senses and intellect, instead of the life of the Spirit of God that used to be in them, because now they had to figure out how to live in world that now became hostile to them.  They had lost their dominion over God’s creation and had turned it over to Lucifer when they became his slaves.

Romans 6:16 — “Do you not know that when you present yourselves to someone as slaves for obedience, you are slaves to the one whom you obey, either of sin resulting of death (seperation from the life of God), or of obedience resulting in righteousness?”

Lucifer now had dominion over God’s creation on this earth.  He became its ruler and mankind became his slaves.  In that very act Lucifer had established his kingdom, or his domain, on this earth and began to use man as his pawns to bring about his desires of being exalted in the place of God.

Centuries later God sent His Word to this earth and wrapped it in flesh in order to become a human being.  This Word that became flesh was named Jesus and was the exact manifestation of the Father God in order to show humanity what God was really like.  He healed those needing healing, He cast out demons, He demonstrated His dominion over the earthly elements, He performed the miraculous, He opened the eyes of the people to the reality that they could be set free from Lucifer’s kingdom by giving their lives to Him, and He trained a small group of men to do everything that He could do.  He showed mankind what the Father was really like.

Jesus lived as a human for thrity years and then three more years in active ministry.  Then He willingly gave up His earthly life by suffering excrusiating agony by crucifixion.  Lucifer did not understand what was occuring on the cross as the result of Jesus shedding His blood until it was too late.  The shedding of that precious blood made a way for all humans to be delivered from the slavery to Lucifer’s kingdom and be restored to the dominion they had lost back in the garden.  They now had a way to be restored to God’s family and to again take their place as rulers with dominion over all of God’s creation on this earth.  It was now their choice as to whom they would serve.  Jesus through His death and resurrection had regained total dominion over His creation and was declared King of kings and Lord or lords.

To me, the absolutely amazing truth is that Jesus chose to embody a group of humans on this earth who He called out of the kingdom of darkness under Lucifer’s control and transferred them into an organism called the “ekklesia, or Church.  He said that this Church that He was building would be the ongoing incarnation of God’s Word on this planet as the “Body of Christ” and would be empowered with the same Holy Spirit that empowered Him when He was walking this earth.  This Body of Christ is composed of men and women called out of darkness, transferred into God’s kingdom, empowered with the Holy Spirit, and restored with the dominion that Adam lost, but Jesus regained.  He has made us to be kings and priests replacing Him on this earth to continue on with the work He started and enforcing His victory over Lucifer and the kingdom of darkness.

Are you one of those He has called out of the darkness and given dominion over His creation on this earth?


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