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In this update, I have been asked to complete the thoughts I ended with in my last post in which I ended with the statement

“God did not take us out of the domain of Satan in his kingdom of darkness and transfer us into the kingdom of God to continue to live as though nothing had changed and we could continue to live according to our own plans. He had a very specific purpose in calling us out of the darkness as His “ekklesia”.”

Since I am am preparing to leave for my ministry trip to Nassau, I will complete these thoughts next week when I return.  Please pray for me that the Spirit of God can flow through me in serving the people in the Bahamas.  I will be ministering in a youth meeting on Friday night, sharing with church leaders for three hours on Saturday morning, speaking for twelve minutes to the entire nation via radio on Sunday morning, teaching on the Holy Spirit during the Sunday morning meeting of the Church as it is Pentecost Sunday, and teaching on spiritual warfare in the Sunday night meeting of the Church.  I believe God wants to communicate and demonstrate the reality of His kingdom this weekend.  I am grateful to my host, pastor Genius Wells the head of the Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination in the Bahamas, for his kind invitation for God to use me in this island nation.


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