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Jesus said to anyone who had problems and was weary from the mental load to come to Him and He would give them REST. In Hebrews we are instructed to diligently pursue entering into His REST. In the 23rd Psalm we are told that He is our Shepherd and we shall not be in want, need, or lack. He would lead beside still waters and into green pastures. Does that sound like He wants us to be burdened with the cares of this life?

Satan’s goal for the Christian is to get us to focus on what he is “doing” rather than on what Jesus has “done”. We are told we have been seated in heavenly place in Jesus far above the frays of this world and above any thing that can come against us. We are to be just “as He is” – at REST and in PEACE in a sitting down position. That, my friend, is our “position in Christ” – at REST. Satan does everything he can to get us to move out of that position, but he can’t unless we let him.

Scripture tells us to set our minds on the things above, not on the things of this world. Paul instructed to “think on these things”. We humans have a tendency to do the same thing Eve did in the garden with the forbidden fruit – we focus our attention upon it and end up losing our position of REST and victory.

Focus your attention upon what Jesus has done for you and not on what Satan is trying to do “TO YOU”.

Remember “I am what I AM says I am” and you ARE what He SAYS YOU ARE – not what Satan says you are.


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