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Are You Religious?

It is amazing to me how many people that say they are followers of Jesus ( Christians ) are so hung up on the thing He condemned the most —  religion.  When He was walking this earth in flesh and blood  He was constantly coming against the religious attitudes the religious leaders and their followers had.  He accused them of keeping the people from entering the kingdom of God.  Jesus came to this earth to reveal to us the heart of the Father and give us LIFE and FREEDOM, not a religious system.  We seem to put more emphasis on the meetings and the writings in the Bible than we do on Jesus Himself and His Holy Spirit that He gave us to empower us with the same life He had.  He never intended to have us take the Bible and put it in the place of the Holy Spirit.  After all, He gave us the Holy Spirit shortly after He was crucified, but we didn’t get the printed Bible for over 1600 years.  Do you see where our focus should be?  He said to live by faith and walk in the Spirit.  All the stories we read about in the Bible about people who did great things for God did not have a Bible, but they did have faith and learned to hear the Spirit and obey.  Give me your thoughts on this.


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  1. Jeanette said:

    I agree I think it’s a very insightful and powerful point you’ve made about God’s spirit ‘pre-dating’ the Bible by some 1600. I always knew the terminology “walk in the Spirit” but not til a year ago did I appreciate that that is the pathway in the Kingdom. I am in the Kingdom Pastor Board. I’ve accepted Yeshua Ha Mashiach as my Saviour and Son of God. Been born again. My spirit has been renewed. The mind is next but that is a process and I know not how to “walk in the Spirit”. Learning how to hear the Spirit yes and I’ve been terribly encouraged by a few such instances since I started ‘listening’ but they are very far between. How do you walk in the Spirit Pastor Board.

    • Jeanette,

      Thank you for your comments and I praise my God that you are in relationship with Him. Walking in the Spirit shoudl be a naturally supernatural experience for the children of God. I know this sounds too easy, but if the Holy Spirit lives inside us shouldn’t we be able to hear what He says to us and then follow it? We make it too hard for ourselves. Remember, we are His children. I responded to another post of yours that our primary relational experince with God is by BELIEVING what He says. I would love to continue with this thinking through talking together if possible. Do you have Skype on your computer? It is a free program that allows us to talk together and possibly see each other while we talk. I use it to speak with people all over the world and it is FREE. Let me know.


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