The Blog of Rob Board – Author, speaker, pastor

Life, as God designed it for you, is too valuable for you to waste on the ho-hum boring routine life most of us live.

God created you for greatness, for success, for health, for happiness and for fulfillment.

You were fashioned after God’s likeness and image.  You are a person who has incredible potential.  You are a person that has faith built right into them.  It is simply a matter of learning how to use that faith to achieve God’s purpose for your life.

There is too much for you to be, to have, to enjoy, to do.

To surrender that hope is to live far below your potential, to deteriorate, to waste your God-given life..

You were made for success, not failure, or despair, or poverty, or sickness !

Believe me when I say that God is your greatest supporter in life.  He is cheering you on to become all that you can be in covenant with Him.

He created you to live in union with you through the new covenant and to be “in you” by His Holy Spirit.


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